Kill the Messenger – Matar al mensajero 2014

Kill the Messenger – Matar al mensajero 2014 movie trailer
The film tells the story of journalist Gary Webb, who pulled the string of murky origins of the cause of the crack epidemic in the streets of the United States, and ended accusing the CIA of collaborating with drug traffickers who brought cocaine in the country and using the profits to arm the Nicaraguan Contras. Despite pressure from drug lords and the CIA to end its investigation, Webb continued its efforts to uncover a plot with explosive implications. His journey takes him from California prisons to the villages of Nicaragua, to the highest circles of power in Washington … which puts you in the crosshairs of those who threaten not only to end his career, but also his family and life.

The film is directed by Michael Cuesta, American director to which he is best known for having directed television series great success as “Six Feet Under” (2002-2005) where he led 8 chapters, “Dexter” (2006) directed 5 episodes or “Homeland” (2011-2012) where he also directed 8 episodes. As for his film work, we highlight of his repertoire, two films from independent court, both dramas that explore the psychological behavior of adolescents with problems and dysfunctional families: “LIE” (2001) and “12 and Holding” (2005) .

Movie: Kill the Messenger (Kill the messenger)
Original title: Kill the Messenger
Spanish Title: Kill the Messenger
Country: United States
Year: 2014
Release Date: 10/10/14
Genre: Thriller [+] | Intrigue [+] | Biopic [+] | Crime [+] | Drugs [+] | Mystery [+] | Espionage [+] | Journalism [+]
Director: Michael Cuesta
Screenplay: Peter Landesman (based on the book by Nick Schou and Gary Webb)
Music: Nathan Johnson
Photography: Sean Bobbitt
Production: TriPictures
Cast: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jeremy Renner, Michael Sheen, Robert Patrick, Paz Vega, Ray Liotta, King, Barry Pepper, Andy Garcia, Michael K. Williams, Tim Blake Nelson, Rosemarie DeWitt, Oliver Platt, Joshua Close, Richard Schiff

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